Our Vision consists of our Mission Statement, Glossary of Terms, and Shared Values.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a community that creates disciples to serve all people.

Glossary of Terms

  • build
    grow; help people discover spiritual gifts; educate; nurture; construct, as a church building
  • community
    fellowship of the Holy Spirit; like-minded and tolerant; accepting; a congregation of all ages; inclusive; our area community and the world; having fun together; sharing laughter and tears
  • create
    teach, educate; model and mentor; inspire
  • disciple
    faithful follower of Jesus Christ; learner; believer, and one who acts on beliefs; servant; on a life-long journey; witness
  • serve
    missions; care for; giving; welcoming and hospitable; engage; support and sustain
  • people
    all sorts and conditions of people; children; youth; adults; seniors; singles; families; ourselves and the world

Shared Values

We are a community in Jesus Christ.

We are a United Methodist Church community.

We are committed to our local communities.

We are committed to Missions locally and worldwide.

We welcome all and will seek to add meaning to the lives of those we reach.

We commit to our vision statement.

We will support our church with our time, our talents, and our treasure.

We will teach and learn together.

Worship is the focus of life as a church.

We will support spiritual development in each other and believe in the power of practicing spiritual disciplines.

We are committed to ministry to and with children and youth.

We believe in the ministry of music for all ages.


Our ministry will be Christ-centered to meet the needs of people.

Worship is the initial building block of our congregational life, which is then sustained and nurtured by Christian education.

Church growth, both quantitative and qualitative, is fundamental to our strategies.

We will be intentional, diligent, and inclusive.

This page last updated on June 30, 2013