The Christian faith is lived through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that transforms individuals and communities.

Our relationship with Christ grows as we

  • learn about him through study,
  • experience his presence and direction through prayer and conversation with one another, and
  • reach out in service to others in his name.

At BUMC, our Christian education programs for children, teens and adults focus on providing opportunities for people of all ages to grow in these aspects of their faith.

  • We offer Bible studies to help you learn the story of God’s love for us and the ways in which God calls us to respond.
  • We offer opportunities to explore the questions of faith as they connect to everyday life and the joys and challenges we face on our journey.
  • We offer classes and groups where we can learn to pray and to deepen our connection with God and one another.
  • We offer places to become more aware of societal and world issues that call for our faithful and committed responses.

Join us to explore your faith and grow in your relationship with Christ.

This page last updated on May 16, 2011