Sunday School

Every Sunday morning during the school year our youth (7th-12th grades) meet together in a time of fellowship and sharing from 9:15-10:30 a.m. This class engages the youth in conversations about the issues that shape the world around them and how they identify with the stories of faith found in scripture. This year, classes will be divided by Junior High (7th-8th grades) and Senior High (9th-12th grades).

Youth Group

Our weekly Sunday Night Barrington United Methodist Youth (BUMCY) features a diverse mix of meaningful activities for youth. We spend time every Sunday 5:00-7:00 p.m. in fellowship over a meal, learning how to share ourselves with each other through our gifts and stories.

Summer Mission Trip

BUMC Youth Mission Trip crew 2014

BUMC’s Youth Summer Mission Trip invites high schoolers to go out and “be the hands and feet of Jesus” through missions in the summer. These life-changing growth experiences allow youth to learn teamwork, purpose, and connect to Christ’s call to love all people.


This 2-year program during the school year prepares 7th-8th grade students for full membership in the church. This course teaches the basic beliefs of the faith, theology, and the responsibilities which come with a Profession of Faith and Church membership. A special service of worship in June is designated to celebrate this rite of passage into mature faith and full membership for all 8th graders who complete the course. The class meets one Saturday a month in addition with overnight retreats, and lock-ins.

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