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Adult Faith Development

Join us on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. in Room 111


July 9 | Praying in Color facilitated by Chris Streed
Perhaps you struggle with your prayer life and are looking for a fresh way to grow deeper. Sybil MacBeth invites you to explore this new form of prayer which she describes as “an active, meditative, playful prayer practice.”

July 16 | Icons and Sacred Images facilitated by Bob Hooper
For Eastern Orthodox Christians, icons have a prominent place in their faith and life. Bob Hooper, a professional artist and teacher, will guide us through the history and spiritual significance of icons.

July 23 | Immigration Ban facilitated by Jeanette Burger
In late January, President Trump issued an executive order that temporarily bans travel from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations. What is in the order? What is its purpose, and what responses have emerged? How does Christian faith inform our responses to this order?

July 30 | No Class
Please join the summer ice cream social

August 6 | Conversation as Ministry facilitated by Chris Streed
Conversation is often referred to as a “lost art” in this digital age. What defines a good conversation, and how can we improve our discussion and listening skills? How can Christians use conversation as a form of ministry and as a spiritual discipline?

August 13 | Christian Witness and Daily Life facilitated by Chris Streed
As Christians, we are called to witness to others in our daily lives. What does it mean to witness? What can we learn from the Bible about the ways we witness? How can we as churches and individuals enhance our Christian witness?

August 20 | Nones and Belief facilitated by Dennis Rossow
A recent survey says about half of the “nones” who were raised in a religion indicate that a lack of belief led them away from their faith. What contributed to their loss of belief? How can churches nurture belief that will sustain those with questions and doubts about God?