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Adult Faith Development

Join us on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. in Room 111

August 27 – September 24 | Right Here, Right Now facilitated by Laura Burke

In her book Right Here, Right Now, Amy Oden shows how the practice of Christian mindfulness begins with the teachings of Jesus and continues throughout Christian history. The class sessions explore the concept of Christian mindfulness and includes step-by-step instructions for the practice of Christian mindfulness today.



October 1 – October 22 | Ancient Laws & Contemporary Controversies
facilitated by Pastor Mi-Sook and Anna Voinovich
Many Christians ignore most Old Testament laws as obsolete or irrelevant. Others claim to honor them but in fact pick and choose among them very selectively in support of specific agendas. It is a basic tenet of Christian doctrine that the faith is contained in both the Old and the New Testament. If the law is ignored, an important aspect of the faith tradition is denied. This study of the book Ancient Laws & Contemporary Controversies by Dr. Cheryl Anderson tackles this problem head on, attempting to answer the question  of whether the laws of the Old Testament are authoritative for Christians today.


October 29 – November 12 | The Reformation: A Very Short Introduction facilitated by Rev. Fred Eisenhut
The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Church. In October 1517, Martin Luther nailed a list of 95 theses on the church doors of Wittenberg, Germany, asking if anyone would enter into a debate on the beliefs of the Catholic church. The result? Everything changed.  Politics and western culture changed. Even the Catholic church changed.The Middle Ages came to an end and the modern era began. This three session class will explore the events and outcomes of the reformation and ask the question “How did this event help determine what you believe?”

November 19 | Money, Greed and God facilitated by George Gill
In his book Money, Greed and God: Why Capitalism is the Solution and Not the Problem, Jay W. Richards defends capitalism within the context of the Christian faith. Richards reveals how entrepreneurial enterprise based on hard work, honesty and trust actually fosters creativity and growth. This study and discussion will expose eight myths about capitalism and demonstrate that a good Christian can be a good capitalist.


November 26 – December 17 | Pauses for Advent: Words of Wonder facilitated by Julia Hooper
This study focuses on one biblical word of wonder for each day of Advent. Pausing for a few moments to read meditations on the word for the day will lead participants to a deeper understanding of Advent. Together, the class will also explore the lives and thoughts of four significant characters in the Christmas story, immersing themselves deeper in the dramatic story. This simple approach provides a doable daily practice and gently leads participants to open their hearts and lives more generously to God.