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Reach Guatemala

Greetings from Guatemala

Silvia Grabacki sent the following e-mail on November 15 to report on her journey with Cecilia “C” Watson, Janel Sullivan, and Pastor Christal Bell to teach Vacation Bible School at a small church in Guatemala.
“What an amazing day we had today!
The pastor, his wife and daughter and Silvia, the english teacher, picked us up at 11 am. They drove us to an ecological park where we hiked high up in the jungle. It had rained the day before so it was muddy, slippery, and a bit exhausting up and down but we had a great time. And C did it all with the same high heels, skirt and tights from the day before. Two of our suitcases were misplaced so C did not have any of her clothes.
After the hike we went to a food center for lunch and had local food and drinks. And then we drove to the church. Typical latin time, we were late by about an hour so the church was full of students waiting for us. Wow, it was packed! Kids from 3 years old to young adults and mothers. There were at least 70 altogether. After we got over our surprise, we proceeded with our planned lesson. We did introductions in English, we did bible verses, lots of singing and crafts. We did bracelets and necklaces and they all loved them. It was a small craft and they were so appreciative.Guatemala_Silvia
The kids are so amazing, extremely excited to see us, very respectful and very well behaved. And we can hear their beginning english. They all said thank you and gave us kisses as they said good by.
We also participated in their service in the evening, we arrived back at our hotel after 6:30 pm. Tomorrow we get picked up at 9 am so we can go to Walmart to get materials and then start lessons at 11 am. We are really looking IMG_6358forward to it!
What great impact we are having in their lives. English lessons are very expensive and the community that we are serving does not have the means to pay for English classes.
And what an impact they are having on us. We are loving our experience.
Thank you all for your support and prayers,

Janel, Christal, C and Silvia”