A Note About Our Identity

You may have noticed and wonder why our name has been amended in a number of places.

The unjust actions of the UMC's Special Session of General Conference have unleashed wave after wave of troubling press that puts every local church in quite an unflattering and unfair light. And a great many of our friends in the connection have invested their energies into saying “we aren't like that church."

We believe, however, this is the wrong time to emphasize what we aren't. So, for the time being, we're not going by our middle name as much as we once had. This is because we believe the gospel begs us to tell our neighbors good news. We want to tell the world who we are; who we've always been.

We are a congregation with deep roots in Barrington. Our witness to the grace of Jesus here predates the municipalities in which many of us live and work. Presently, we are a church at the crossroads. This is quite literally the case because of the major intersection where our building and community garden sits, but it is also figurative as we navigate where God might be calling us in this moment of renewal.

Like our forebearers, we believe the marks of a faith tradition are its practices. And for us, those haven’t changed. When our neighbors visit us, they will continue to encounter welcome in the spirit of the “high hospitality” first offered by the earliest methodist small groups. We extend welcome to everyone, and we embody that by sharing the most sacred gifts of faith — Christ's table and the waters of baptism — with all.

Those who worship, study and serve with us will find we are profoundly methodist. We preach, teach and practice living in God's grace. And, like the traditions that united 50 years ago to launch what was then a new expression of Wesleyan Christianity, we value justice and equity.

We don't know what we will look like after the dust settles. To quote the Apostle Paul, right now we only see dimly. Yet, what we can see is this: there is a future for us in remaining vibrant, vital and inclusive. Right now, this is who we are. This is Barrington Church at the Crossroads.