We seek to intentionally and sincerely welcome persons of all ages, nations and races. We are committed to building a diverse community that values people of all abilities, statuses, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender expressions. We believe that God calls us to vibrant worship that encourages participants to encounter the living God; to grow in faith, friendship and love as we each seek to live our faith in our daily lives; and to serve God and our neighbor through acts of charity, kindness, mercy and justice. We embrace and nurture all people at any point in their faith journey and believe there is room at Christ’s Table for all.

We believe that God calls us to these essential beliefs and actions:

To encounter the Living God
Through gathering for worship, service and study in community we make ourselves available to encounter the living God.  We experience God in three distinct expressions: God the Creator who formed humankind in God’s image, created the heavens and the earth and is still creating the kin-dom of God on earth; God the Redeemer, who in Jesus Christ gave the world the gift of transforming love, reconciling grace and eternal life; God the Sustainer who by the power of the Holy Spirit accompanies and guides us on a dynamic journey of faith and discovery. 

To grow in faith, friendship and love as we each seek to live our faith in our daily lives
By engaging in intentional worship, service and study in community we actively seek to grow a living faith that informs our actions, thoughts and best impulses.  We seek to reflect grace in our lives with the belief that it is God’s grace that inspires our hearts with compassion and empowers our actions with hope. 

To serve God and our neighbor through acts of charity, kindness, mercy and justice
Because God freely and generously extends grace and love toward each one of us, we respond by extending love and grace toward others.  We believe in the goodness of humankind while recognizing that evil exists in the world. We serve God, others and ourselves by seeking to live into God’s will for all.

To embrace and nurture all people at any point in their faith journey
We recognize that everyone is on a journey. We do not judge or discriminate but embrace all in our journey toward God’s kin-dom of wholeness, love and justice.  We seek to spread the Good News of God’s love and actively invite others to join the community of faith.   

To make room at Christ’s table for all
We recognize that every person is created in the image of God. We welcome each person regardless of one’s abilities, status, background, race, sexual orientation or gender expression. We come together to Christ’s table - blessed, broken and shared - to discern who we are as a people seeking to live into God’s vision of unity in diversity.


Barrington Church is at the corner of Route 59 and Algonquin Road in Barrington Hills 

Get directions 

Is parking available?

Plenty of parking is available in our main parking lot off of Algonquin Road. Specially marked handicap parking spaces and spaces for pregnant or new mothers are available near the front entrance. 

Is the building handicap accessible?

The Barrington Church building is handicap accessible – doors are wide enough for wheelchairs and walkers, all restrooms are accessible and the sanctuary has pews designed that those using wheelchairs can sit with their families. For those who are vision or hearing impaired, we have large print hymnals and assisted listening devices available at the sanctuary entrance.

May I participate in communion?

Yes! We believe God’s table is open to all – you are welcome and invited to join us for this sacrament as it is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month at all worship services. We offer a gluten-free option at each service to make this sacrament available to all, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Music Style

We blend beautiful hymns and praise songs familiar to many backgrounds. 

Can I participate in classes or programs even if I am not a member?

Of course! All of our programs, activities, missions and ministries are open to all, regardless of membership status. We hope that you will join a Sunday morning or weekday class or participate in a mission or service project. Participating in these programs is a great opportunity to get to know people and to walk the faith journey in ways that are most meaningful to you.

What Should I Wear?

Wear whatever is comfortable. On any Sunday, you will find people dressed in business casual and as well as jeans. Come as you are comfortable.