Study of the Sacraments

Adult Faith Development

Adult Faith Development Study to begin this Fall

Grace is the mysterious but real gift that God gives us. Grace is free, but it is not cheap. Grace assures us that we are blessed, loved, and forgiven and made new by God. While there are many ways to experience God’s grace, two significant means are through the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. 

This fall we are offering a study of the Sacraments and how they become, for us, a means of grace. We will look at the biblical foundations of Baptism and Holy Communion, explore questions about who can participate, who can officiate and what our responsibilities and challenges are as a congregation when a person is baptized or joins us at God’s table.

This class will meet for eight weeks in person and online beginning after Labor Day and continuing throughout October. To register your interest in this class, please contact the church office, (847) 836-5540, or use the form below.  Thank you!

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