November 10th Town Hall Meeting

Greetings Friends,

Thank you to those who were in attendance at the November 10th Town Hall Meeting; for those who were unable to attend, we missed you.  We had a great conversation about how Barrington United Methodist Church is faring amidst the uncertainty of the greater United Methodist Church.

The following covers the highlights of the information presented during the Town Hall, including the congregational questions. 

  • How we got here - the UMC's struggle of human sexuality began in the 1980s and came to a head in February this year at General Conference (GC). What is known as the 'Traditional Plan' was voted on during GC and passed based on support from primarily outside the United States. The term 'traditional' does not represent what we would normally define as traditional values, traditional doctrine and traditional beliefs.  
  • In response to the February 2019 vote, BUMC formed the Task Force; its members are before you today. The Task Force began to connect with other congregations of like mindset and beliefs to network and learn. Members have attended key meetings such as the one in Kansas City in September at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City.
  • Our primary focus remains unchangedoffering opportunities for participation in Vibrant Worship, Vital Faith and Changing Lives.  Do. Be. Live. CHURCH
  • What's Next for Us - What We Are Doing
    • The Pastors and Task Force continue to monitor the plans that will be presented at the next General Conference in May 2020.
    • We will be affirming our Welcome Statement - more to come. 
    • We are developing our own Theological Statement - more to come. 
  • What We Can Anticipate 
    • The Pastors and Task Force are working on a survey to help us gather information - it will be an opportunity for ALL of us to share our thoughts and opinions, take advantage of the opportunity.
    • Communications -  We have worked hard over the few years to develop processes that provide avenues for communication of important information to be delivered multiple times and in multiple ways (Email, letters, bulletin, Banner, etc.) and yet, we often hear that members of our congregation were unaware of events, decisions and important topics. Help us understand what else is needed.
    • Small-Group Engagement - there will be opportunities to gather to share questions and information in small group settings, via Committees and Work Groups as well as other venues.
    • There will be a time of discernment BEFORE any decisions are presented or made with regard to BUMC's path forward.
    • The Decision about our future will be made by ALL who are listening, responding, participating and in attendance when the time comes.  Be a part of the process.
    • We all need to continue supporting BUMC with our time, our talents and our gifts. We are in a blessed position of being able to not just survive, we will continue to thrive. In order to do that, we need to continue our individual giving, which makes us stronger together. We do not want to have to plan for program and staff cuts; we need to be strong financially in order to weather this storm.
    •  We stand for Vibrant Worship, Vital Faith and Changing Lives.  Do. Be. Live. CHURCH  

The chart below compares proposals from various groups about the future of The UMC. It does not include plans from individuals. Plans are listed in alphabetical order, left to right. Further details are in the plan documents and legislation. All plans will be open for amendments at General Conference and may be subject to Judicial Council review.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the members of The Task Force.


The Task Force on A Way Forward
Jody Antrim,
Chris DuBois,

Comparison of Proposals to General Conference 2020

A Way Forward following the Special Session of the General Conference