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We are entering our 21st year of partnership with the farmers in the Twin Rivers area and with Trinity Lutheran Church in Ottawa. What a privilege to work closely with these good friends while we help transform the lives of families around the world.

Over the past two decades, our Growing Project has supported a variety of development programs around the world. These Christian-led programs are all well-managed and focused on agriculture. As a result of our support, over 13,500 people have left poverty behind. Those are families with enough food and children who get to go to school. These programs have mitigated the effects of climate change, taught water conservation, and provided better seed stock and marketing tools.

Growing Hope Globally connects American farmers with farmers in the developing world who may need education, small amounts of investment capital, or help to build a community cooperative. Whatever it is, Christian relief agencies are there to offer appropriate assistance through local partners.

The results of climate-responsive, community-led, sustainable agricultural programs are many, including:

• Healthier families that can stay together when men don’t have to travel or emigrate for work
• More children in school because families can pay fees, dress them, and afford to let them attend
• Available clean water and sanitary facilities
• Community seed storage and cooperatives
• Improved status for women and girls as they take leadership roles
• Better stewardship of land in the face of climate change

Your donations help provide all this and more. Make your gift today through our giving portal and select “Growing Hope Globally” from the dropdown menu!

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